Our Technique

Our Technique that results in such comfortable and functional dentures is the combination of many things learned over my career of 28+ years. Hi, my name is John Wheeler, DDS, and I am writing this page because some people like to know more about their doctors than name, address and where they went to school. I will get to that stuff later.

My Dad

I am blessed because of association with many great dentists in my life. The first was my dad, Karl Wheeler, DDS, who I got to assist for over a year between college and dental school. One of many things I learned from him was the importance of treating "people" not "mouths". That is key to any of our techniques for helping people.

Traditional Dentures

Before a dentist can incorporate any advanced technique, they need to learn the standard technique. I was taught that by Dr. Harvey and Dr. Hoffman at The University of Colorado School of Dentistry. They taught me to let the patient have the final say about what they think looks the best. Because of that you are in control in our technique.

Dr. Turbyfil's Branching Technique

After close to ten years of making traditional dentures and getting traditional results I was frustrated with them. Many patients continued to need dentures so I attended a course by Dr. Jack Turbyfil. His "branching" technique was adapted from Dr. Earl Pounds earlier technique. The keys are:
- a way of making a "functional" impression of your jaw so that the denture edges are shaped to allow your cheek and tongue muscles to move normally.
-the dentist positions the front teeth with the patient present instead of it all being done at the lab. This allows for a much more custom and natural look.
-for the most predictable results a "treatment" denture is used to resolve issues relating to speech, chewing, esthetics and expectations. When you are satisfied the final denture is finished as a copy of the treatment denture.
It was at this course that I became better acquainted with Dr. John Shepard because he had provided the patient for the hands on demonstration portion of the class.

Dr. John Shepard's
Comfortsoft Denture System

In 1997 I moved from Rocky Ford, in southeastern Colorado to Fort Collins, Colorado. I began to treat some patients in conjunction with Dr. John Shepard because he had limited his practice to only dentures with his patented ComfortSoft Denture System. Some of his patients still had good natural teeth in one jaw and were in need of some general dentistry. I have a practice that provides for those routine needs (fillings, crowns, cleaning, extractions) and more advanced oral surgery procedures (for those needing multiple teeth removed prior to dentures or want to stabilize a denture with implants).
I routinely heard Dr. Shepard's patients talk about how comfortable their new dentures were. Those that had worn traditional dentures before were far more satisfied with their ComfortSoft Dentures.
Dr. Shepard generously showed me his ComfortSoft Denture System which incorporates the best features from the Dr. Pound and Dr. Turbyfil techniques with a soft silicone denture liner that Dr. Shepard invented. As one patient told me:

Duh! Would you rather sit on a hard chair or an overstuffed chair?

Dr. Shepard is now retired from clinical practice and is teaching his ComfortSoft Denture System. I am pleased to now be a provider of the ComfortSoft Denture System for those patients frustrated with their traditional dentures. Now his technique is our technique. Thanks Shep.

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