Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are the original "teeth in a day". They insure that your family and friends will never need to see you without your SMILE!

How Can I Get My Teeth In One Day?

When most people hear or read an advertisement about "teeth in a day", they usually think that means you get everything done in one day. To say that some advertisements are misleading is a huge understatement.

Yes, you can get your teeth in a day, but it is certainly not the first day. What the term "immediate" really means is that it is a denture that is inserted into your mouth the same appointment that your remaining teeth are extracted. In this case "immediate" describes the time between tooth removal and denture insertion. It does not describe how many appointments it takes to fabricate a custom denture.

What Leads Up to "Immediate" or "In a Day"?

To make any denture you need to record the information that is part of the denture fabrication process. For an immediate denture that will involve at least making impressions of your teeth and jaws, selecting the size and color of your new teeth, and recording a bite registration to show how your jaws come together. These steps require up to three appointments.

The best results occur when extraction of the back teeth in the affected arch have been completed and the gums allowed to heal for a couple of months prior to making the measurements for the denture. The front teeth are not extracted until the day the denture is inserted.

Why Do It This Way? It's Not Really "Immediate".

Immediate dentures are done for two primary reasons.

1. Most people don't want to go for three or more months with no smile.

For the vast majority of people being without their "smiling teeth" would be devastating. We are social people who work and talk and are conscious of our appearance. That is why most of the time your first denture is done this way. You can think of it as a transitional denture or healing denture.

2. Most people want to be able to chew their food.

Proper nourishment is important for our overall health. Food is also tied to many social gatherings. With this method most patients are beginning to eat a normal diet two to three weeks after the last teeth are extracted.

What To Expect.

The advantage of the immediate denture is mostly that you are never without your teeth. Most of our patients tell us that they get along much better than they expected.

Of course there are disadvantages too. The main one is that over the following months the denture will begin to feel more loose. As the gum and bone heal they shrink. Again that is why it is best to use this denture as a healing denture or transitional denture.
Immediate dentures are typically not made with a permanent soft liner like the ComfortSoft Denture System. After your gums have healed for a few months you will want to have the dentures relined or have a final set made.
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