The Denture Fabrication Process

The denture fabrication process is one that involves more appointments than most of the procedures we do. Normally there are six steps to accomplish so that you are satisfied with your new custom dentures.

The fact is we are starting with few reference points and rebuilding a smile, replacing all of the missing teeth and compensating for gum and jaw bone shrinkage. Maybe it isn't so many appointments after all!

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If you are one of those people that like to know all the details about the denture fabrications process, read on.

Consultation and Exam

In the beginning we want to know what concerns bring you into our office. The list may be long but we both need to feel confident that your expectations will be met. I don't believe in promising you a result that is unlikely to happen. The fact is that dentures (even 'perfect' ones) are only a poor substitute for your natural teeth. On the other hand, some problems are a result of worn out or poorly fitting dentures. In that situation you will be amazed what a difference this denture fabrication process will make for your new dentures.

We will do an oral and x-ray examination of you mouth next to be sure that your mouth is ready to get started.

The treatment timeline and fee will also be discussed prior to initiating any treatment.

Primary Impressions

For some patients the primary impressions are made at the Consultation and Exam appointment. The purpose of the primary impression is to copy the shape of your gums (ridge). These impressions are used to create stone models of your gums so that customized trays can be fabricated for use in the next appointment.

Functional Impressions

The functional impressions are made using the custom trays that were fabricated by the lab. Our main objective is to get a precise impression of your mouth. The trick is that your mouth opens and closes and has lips and a tongue and cheek muscles that are in constant motion. All of that motion has to be taken into account in order for your denture to be stable in your mouth. That is the functional part of the name and it is a key step in the denture fabrication process.

Jaw Relation Records

The jaw relation records appointment is where art meets science in the whole denture fabrication process. It is in this appointment that we determine where the front teeth need to be placed in order for you to have a natural looking smile and to allow for proper speech. We determine when the back teeth will touch as your jaw hinges closed so that they function efficiently and comfortably for chewing. This information all needs to be recorded in a way that it can be communicated to the lab.

Wax Try-in

The wax try-in appointment is sometimes the simplest in all of dentistry. You can think of it as a preview of the final denture. The teeth are set in wax on temporary bases so that you can see what the tooth position will look like in your mouth. It allows me to see if the bite and tooth position is what I want. It allows you to see what your smile will look like. Because the teeth are set in wax, if either of us see something we want changed we can still make a change.

When everything looks good to both of us, we send it back to the lab for final processing. Almost done!

Seat and Adjust New Dentures

The seating and adjustment appointment is the culmination of all the work to this point. At this point we will make any fine tuning adjustments to the bite and any areas that we identify that might result in a sore spot under the dentures.

Then you are off for a test drive!

Final Adjustment

It is rare that there is not a need for some final adjustments for your new dentures. Because of that it is a scheduled part of the denture fabrication process within a few days of your receiving your new dentures. In fact, it is common to have two or three adjustment appointments in the first few weeks with your new dentures. These visits are included in your overall fee.

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