Denture Biofilm

Dentures accumulate plaque, stain and calculus similar to the natural teeth. Failure to properly clean this accumulated denture biofilm from the dentures is associated with an increased incidence of localized denture stomatitis.

Denture biofilm is a complex aggregate of oral bacteria, fungi and other organisms; this plaque is estimated to contain more than 100,000,000,000 organisms per milligram and involve more than 30 species.
While there is general consensus that the composition of denture plaque is similar to that of plaque in the person with teeth, the biomass may vary between individuals and between sites in the mouth and sites on the dentures.

It has also been determined that dental biofilms accumulate on rough denture surfaces more readily than on smooth ones. These studies would indicate that nonabrasive cleansers may offer a more appropriate cleaning regimen. Care should be taken not to scratch the surface of processed denture bases or acrylic denture teeth.

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Sources for this information are personal observations and a Special Supplement to the Journal of the American Dental Association: Evidence-based guidelines for the care and maintenance of complete dentures. February 2011.